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Glass & Fiberglass

Calcium oxide and calcium carbonate products are used in both glass manufacturing and fiberglass manufacturing applications. Glass and fiberglass are obtained from the fusion of several inorganic materials. Silica sand, soda ash, calcium oxide, and calcium or dolomitic limestone together represent a majority of the raw materials used in the production of glass and fiberglass. 

MLC™ Pulverized Quicklime (PQL), Dolomitic Lime, and CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate product families are critical raw materials in both glass and fiberglass manufacturing applications. The high purity and controlled sizing of these offerings have set the standard for these key raw materials for many years.  

High Purity Lime for the Glass Industry

The high quality and consistency of MLC’s calcinated and dolomitic lime offerings provide superior value in glass applications, where clarity and color are important characteristics for the end user. This includes glass for architectural, automotive, container, chemical, fiber glass, pharmaceutical, solar panel, consumer electronics, and art applications. 

In the glass batch, CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate acts as a flux, aids in ingredient fusion, reduces the melting temperature, and makes the glass more workable. MLC® Dolomitic Lime (“dolomite”) improves chemical durability and resistance to thermal shock. 

Essential Consistency for Glass Fibers

Glass fibers are fine filaments that are used to create matting, rovings (windings), and loose chop. These materials are essential to markets such as electronics, transportation, consumer products, infrastructure, energy, construction, safety, military, and aerospace. 

Glass fibers make up many important components used in the production of vehicles, jets, wind turbines, housing materials, roofing, composites, and electronic chips. 

MLC Pulverized Quicklime (PQL) and Calcium Carbonate are used in the fiberglass batch, where they reduce energy and improve “pull” (production capacity). The quality of the lime used in glass fiber applications is critical. The high consistency and quality of MLC lime offerings reduces challenges with heating profile, color, viscosity, foaming, mixing, and plugged bushings.