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MLC provides a range of product grades suited to the specific needs of various industrial and municipal processes, where they help to effectively treat emissions, flue gas, waste water, sludges, and bio-solids to meet regulatory requirements.  

MLC offerings provide opportunities for manufacturers and municipalities to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and meet regulations. This includes processes for acid neutralization, precipitation, coagulation, and pH control. 

Waste water streams may require pH adjustment and/or the removal of metallic contaminants before they can be discharged safely into the environment. Lime plays a very important role in the treatment of household and industrial waste sludge prior to disposal in landfills or as an agricultural supplement. Lime is also used to treat contaminated soils.

MLC’s high-calcium offerings include high-reactivity, low-grit products that are effective at lower dosages and meet or exceed the specifications of AWWA B202 19 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 Drinking Water Chemicals.  

In pollution control applications, MLC’s High Reactivity Hydrate (HRH) lime products offer unmatched performance, with the fastest reactivity and highest surface area on the market. Together with our other high-purity quicklimes and hydrates, these offerings enable superior efficiency of acid-gas removal in dry scrubbing and dry sorbent injection. These solutions also provide operational benefits to the end user, such as fuel flexibility and opportunities to reduce heat rates, protect critical components, improve stack emissions, and save on costs for fuel, operations, waste, and maintenance.