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About Us

MLC is a world-class, trusted partner for high-calcium lime, dolomitic lime, lime-based chemical specialties, and technical solutions. With over a century in business, the company has built a reputation on the purity of its products, commitment to research and development, and tradition of customer service.  

Your business prides itself on unfaltering excellence – and when you’re working with minerals as essential as lime, you can’t afford any question marks. You need a calcium product partner who is steadfast and focused on your future.  

Keeping true to our customers, our roots, and our values, is our guiding principle. It’s how we’ve grown into a world-class company known for safely delivering the highest quality calcium products and most advanced services on the market. And it’s what drives us to continuously innovate for the future.  

With clarity of vision and a commitment to partnership, we help you navigate challenges, improve reliability, achieve sustainability goals, and gain a competitive advantage.  
At MLC, our unwavering commitment is focused on one goal: propelling you forward.