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How do I contact your sales department?
To locate the Sales Representative for your area email
How do I place an order for your products?
Orders may be placed via one of the following: Contact Customer Service at 800-437-5463
Use the Product Order Form
Emailing or Faxing 314-543-6518
How do I obtain product pricing?
Pricing can be obtained by contacting your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative at 800-437-5463. For additional information, email us at
What are the typical product lead times?
Bulk Products 3 – 7 days
50# bags 5 – 10 days
Super Sacks/Bulk Bags 10 – 14 days
What is the Ste. Genevieve plant address?
16147 U.S. Highway 61
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670
What are the typical Ste. Genevieve plant shipping hours?
Packaged products ship from our plant Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. by appointment.
How do I obtain a copy of a bill of lading?
Call Customer Service at 800-437-5463 for a copy of the bill of lading.
How do I obtain a proof of delivery?
If MLC arranged your delivery, please call Customer Service at 800-437-5463 to request a Proof of Delivery. If you arranged to pick up your order you will need to contact the carrier you contracted with to get the Proof of Delivery.
How many bags per pallet?
Most 50 # bag shipments have 40 bags per pallet. The exceptions are limestone at 42 bags per pallet, and PolyCal® with 48 bags per pallet.
What is the typical pallet size?
Pallets used for 50# bags are 40″ x 48″. Pallets used for Super Sack/Bulk Bag are 42″ x 44″.
How do I obtain product samples?
Samples may be obtained by contacting your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative at 800-437-5463, or by using the Sample Request form.
How do I obtain an SDS or Technical Data Sheet?
View our SDS page.
How do I request a product information certificate?
What is the shelf life of the product?
Contact  to inquire about specific product shelf life.
Who do I contact for questions about my invoice?
Contact Accounts Receivable or Customer Service at 800-437-5463.