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Plastics & Rubber

PolyCal® calcium offerings are tailored for the needs of the plastics and elastomers industries, where tight sizing and reactivity control are essential. Along with our other high-purity lime offerings, they act as high-performing desiccants and functional fillers in the productionof polymers, as well as controlling moisture in plastic recycling. 

PolyCal® O calcium oxide provides exceptional moisture control properties in polymer production, contributing to desirable characteristics in the end product. PolyCal H calcium hydroxide also acts as a rubber accelerant.  

CalCarb® calcium carbonate offerings provide a broad spectrum of sizing and physical attributes required of functional filler in both plastic and elastomers applications. 

VitaCal FCC food-grade lime offerings are covered by FSSC 22000 certification for food contact applications. 

Advantages of these offerings for polymer applications include: 

  • Controlled particle size distribution 
  • Oversized protection 
  • Controlled top size 
  • Very high purity 
  • Fast and slow reactivity offerings 
  • Efficient absorption properties