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Battery Minerals

Lime is an essential component for a variety of industrial processes used to produce and recycle battery minerals, such as lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel, and copper. Demand for these minerals continues to grow, driven by the needs of the electric vehicle, e-transportation, stationary storage, and consumer electronics sectors. 

In addition to production of these critical minerals, lime materials play a role in various stages of the battery supply chain from cradle to grave. For example, they are used for: 

  • precipitation of metal ion impurities, 
  • pH adjustment, 
  • acid neutralization, 
  • leaching of spodumene ores, 
  • lithium hydroxide conversion, and 
  • removal of acids from flue gas emissions. 

As a trusted, leading producer of lime in the USA and United Kingdom, MLC has multiple strategic locations to support localized production of battery minerals and related processes in North America and Europe. Our calcium offerings have been trusted for over a century due to our exceptional service, reliable supply, and consistent quality. 

We mine some of the highest purity lime reserves in the world and consistently manufacture and process our lime materials to meet the exacting needs of the industries we serve, offering grades with varying particle size, assays, and reactivity speeds. 


Contact us to learn how our technical team can help you to optimize the use of lime in your critical mineral processes.