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Our Footprint Is Large – Our Resolve To Reduce It Is Larger.

We recognize that our operations contribute to climate change and are committed to reducing our footprint in a meaningful way. That is why we are investing in ESG to create measurable impacts. With our improvements, there also come improvements for our customers. Since we are part of their scope 3 emissions, when we win, they win. 

Focus Areas for New Environmental Projects

We have initiated several projects focused on helping us to reduce our carbon footprint, and we are exploring several others to determine the best options for each of our sites. 

Evaluating Biodiversity

In the midst of the manufacturing process, which is often seen as environmentally disruptive, bird species have the ability to nest successfully and thrive. In partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary, we have been conducting nesting studies since 2016. 


Hear From Our Team

About Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Dave Venhaus, VP of Operations, discusses how MLC is reducing the environmental footprint of our operations