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Foods & Beverages

Calcium Hydroxide and Calcium Oxide provide essential performance in applications such as corn products, tortillas, snack foods, and fortified beverages. They are used as direct additives to enhance calcium supplementation, adjust pH, bind ingredients, and/or improve texture and flavor. They are also key building blocks used in the synthesis of certain ingredients, such as preservatives and flow conditioners. 

These products can also bring value and performance to other end uses where ingredient quality and safety are critical to protect the consumer. In water treatment, they soften water and adjust pH. In personal care products and topical pharmaceuticals, they act as pH buffers, for example in depilatories, skin care, cleansers, hair care, and medicinal salves. 

The MLC Quality Advantage:

  • Low to undetectable levels of impurities 
  • High calcium assay and bioavailability 
  • Small particle sizing (non-abrasive, low residue, and easy dispersing) 
  • Engineered reactivity and oil absorption 
  • Desirable mouthfeel 
  • Consistent product color with high whiteness 
  • Suitable for use in clean-label, organic, and natural product types 

Enhanced Efficacy to Improve Economy

The exceptional purity and reactivity of MLC’s lime offerings create opportunities for manufacturers to improve the efficiency and economy of their operations. 

This is because lower dosages are required to achieve the same performance. The lower volume requirements reduce the costs, downtime, and GHG emissions associated with logistics, labor, energy, equipment maintenance, and more. 

VitaCal® for Superior Quality & Safety Assurance

Available under the trusted VitaCal® brand name, Mississippi Lime provides food-grade calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide that meet or exceed FCC specifications and U.S. FDA standards. Due to their purity and consistency, food processing chemists have specified VitaCal® products for decades. 

VitaCal® offerings are covered by certifications to provide assurance of their quality and safety, including FSSC 22000, AIB, and ISO 9001:2015. They are also certified as Kosher-Pareve and are suitable for drinking water applications, meeting the specifications and standards of AWWA B202-19 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.