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Steels & Metals

Calcium oxide and other calcium products are used in a variety of steel and metals applications, primarily in electric arc furnace (EAF), basic oxygen furnace (BOF), as well as related water treatment and environmental systems. Calcium oxide (Quicklime) is used as a flux in purifying steel in the electric arc furnace (EAF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF), removing phosphorus, sulfur, silica and manganese. Quicklime also has important uses in the secondary refining of steel and in the manufacture of steel products. 

MLC provides a variety of grades of calcium offerings to meet the exacting needs of the steel industry and other metallurgical applications, such as the production of aluminum and magnesium and the recovery of precious metals. As one of the most trusted lime producers operating the largest lime facility in the Americas, manufacturers rely on the exceptional quality, service, and consistency of MLC. 


MLC™ Quicklime offerings are widely used due to their quality and consistency. High available calcium oxide, low total sulfur levels, low impurities, low loss on ignition, and controlled fines content allow steel companies to cost-effectively meet the high quality standards required in today’s global marketplace. 

Dolomitic Lime

MLC™ Dolomitic Lime is valued in the steel industry, as the high magnesium in the product helps to extend furnace refractory life by reducing the amount of wear the slag can cause during the production process. This creates opportunities to improve the efficiency and economy of milling processes by enabling refractories to last longer, reducing costs, labor, and GHG emissions associated with more frequent replacement. The Dolomitic Lime also acts as a fluxing agent. 

CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate

CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate (limestone) can be used in pig iron manufacturing applications. 

Standard Hydrated Lime

MLC Standard Hydrated Lime products are used in water treatment and environmental applications.