HBM Holdings is a St. Louis-based, privately held company that acquires, builds, and operates middle-market businesses. HBM's mission is to build value and manage portfolio risk by acquiring a diverse group of product-centric companies with favorable long-term growth prospects.

HBM focuses on acquiring businesses with strong current or potential market positions within identifiable niche markets and then using its deep general management and functional expertise, strong balance sheet, and long-term strategic perspective to create value both organically and through bolt-on acquisitions. HBM's financial strength provides the ability to close transactions quickly, and without financing contingencies.

HBM Holdings currently has three portfolio companies—Mississippi Lime Company (St. Louis, MO; legacy business), Delavau (Philadelphia, PA; acquired 2012), and Tru-Flex (West Lebanon, IN; acquired 2013)—and is actively targeting new platform opportunities with between $5 million and $15 million in EBITDA.

Business Owners

HBM seeks to acquire companies that will benefit from capital, operational support, and strategic expertise while allowing existing management significant autonomy to run the business. Business owners seeking more information should contact Ryan Supple

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Investment Bankers

Financial intermediaries are an important part of our acquisition process. HBM has dedicated resources to build relationships with the investment banking community. For more information please contact Ryan Supple

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